Comus Inn Dinner Menu

    • First

    • Maryland Style Crab Soup


      With Lump Crab

    • Soup Du Jour

    • Oysters

    • Raw Oysters


      Served with Cocktail and Mignonette Sauce

      ½ Dozen                   

      Enjoy a Full Dozen    -      $24.00

    • Roasted Oysters


      With Tabasco Lemon Butter and Parmesan  -  ½ Dozen 

    • Country Fried Oysters

      Country Fried Oysters


      Buttermilk Soaked Oysters Dipped in Virginia Cornmeal Served with Our “Dixie Tartar Sauce”  -  ½ Dozen   

    • Cold Dinner Items

    • Green Salad


      Mixed Greens, Dates, Sunflower Seeds, Shaved Carrot Ribbons and Cider Dijon Vinaigrette

    • Wedge Salad


      Iceberg Lettuce, Buttermilk Ranch, Cheddar Crumble, Apple Wood Bacon, Sweet Tomato Preserves

    • Caesar Salad


      Shaved Parmesan and House Made Garlic Butter Croutons

    • Watermelon Salad


      Fresh Summer Watermelon Salad with Crumbled Goat Cheese, Crisp Green Beans, Baby Kale, Watermelon and Roasted Pepper White Balsamic Vinagrette

    • Dinner Snacks

    • Old Bay Deviled Eggs & Pickled Shrimp

    • Crab Hush Puppies


      Cornmeal Hush Puppies with Crab, Bacon, Chive and Cheddar Cheese; Assorted Dipping Sauces

    • "The Pig Board"

      "The Pig Board"


      Pimento Cheese; Accompanied by Chefs Choice of Petite Biscuit, Charcuterie, Pickled Vegetables, Preserves

    • Summer Flatbread


      Flat Bread with Ripe Summer Tomatoes, Balsamic Grilled Squash, Garlic Ricotta, Smoked Mozzarella and Basil Pesto

    • Supper

    • Vidalia Peach and Bourbon Chicken


      Natural Chicken Breast Smothered with Vidalia and Peach Bourbon Sauce, with Whipped Pecan Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

    • Cast Iron Seared Duck Breast

      Cast Iron Seared Duck Breast


      Blackened Spiced Duck Breast with Black Currant Gastrique, Fried Duck Egg with Cheddar Scallion Virginia Stone Ground Grits and Spinach

    • Hickory Rub Grilled Salmon


      Fingerling Potatoes, Brussels Sprout, Caramelized Onions and Bacon, Finished with a Maple Soy Vinaigrette

    • Maryland Style Crab Cake


      House Made Crab Cake with USA Fresh Lump Crab, with Seasonal Vegetable Succotash and Lobster Butter

    • Natural Filet Mignon

      Natural Filet Mignon


      8 oz. Natural Angus Beef with Bordelaise Sauce and Lobster Tarragon Butter, Whipped Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus

    • 1855 Angus Rib Eye


      10 oz. Natural Angus Beef with Bordelaise Sauce and Bearnaise Butter, Grilled Asparagus, Crispy Idaho Potato Wedges

    • Southeast Family Farms Hanger Steak


      Garlic Pepper Dry Rubbed Hanger Steak with Caramelized Shallot Vinaigrette with Bacon and Bleu Cheese House Cut Fries

    • Sweet Tea Brined Pork Loin


      10 oz. Boneless Pork Loin with Cherry Pepper Chow Chow, Cheddar Scallion Virginia Grits, Saute Spinach

    • Carolina Rice "Risotto"


      South Carolina Grown Rice Cooked in a Rich Vegetable Broth with Mushrooms, Spring Peas, Mascarpone and Parmesan Cheese

    • Fresh Catch of the Day

      Market Price
    • Family Sides For The Table

      Skillet Cornbread with Sorghum Butter     $5.00

      Cast Iron Baked Mac and Cheese       $7.00

      Cheddar Scallion Virginia Grits     $5.00



Drink Menu

    • Mojitos

    • The Original Mojito

      The Original Mojito


      3 parts Bacardi superior/1 part fresh lime juice/1 part simple syrup/1 part sprite/fresh mint

    • Passion Fruit Mojito


      3 parts passion fruit parrot bay rum/1 part fresh lime juice/1 part simple syrup/1 part sprite/fresh mint

    • Mango Mojito


      3 parts mango parrot bay rum/1 part fresh lime juice/1 part simple syrup/1 part sprite/fresh mint

    • Citron Mojito


      3 parts Absolut citron vodka/1/2 part fresh lime juice/1 part fresh lemon juice/1 part club soda/fresh Mint


    • Martinis

    • The Berry Martini


      2 parts Absolut raspberry/ 1 part Chambord/1 part pineapple/1 part cranberry

    • Mango Cooler


      2 parts Absolut mango/1 part peach schnapps /1 part oj/1 part club soda

    • Perfect Cosmopolitan


      2 oz. vodka/ 1 oz. cranberry juice/ 1 oz. lime juice/ dash of cointreau/ lemon twist

    • La Famiglia Citrus


      1 part Absolut citron/1 part Absolut mandarin/1 part Absolut ruby red/2 parts simple syrup/2 parts fresh lime juice

    • Sangria

    • Pitcher of Sangria

      Pitcher of Sangria


      32 Oz