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Joan Van Berg (Mother of Bride)

We could not have picked a better place. We have been to dinner at the Comus Inn several times and loved it and thought this would be perfect for my daughter’s wedding. The Comus Inn was a beautiful setting for a fall sunset wedding. The wedding was outdoors among the autumnal changing of the leaves, and inside the tent for the reception and dinner. Even with some weather issues, some winds, the staff were so helpful in making it all work well and adapting to certain changes due to the winds.

All staff were magnificent and we could not have asked for anything better. All worked out so beautifully in organizing and arranging the painstaking details to get what we wanted at the Comus Inn. Additionally, many guests commented on what a beautiful venue it is and how wonderful the food and attentive the staff was to any detail. Comus Inn staff were working from the minute we arrived until after the event was over. With all of the other details we had, we could not have asked for more. Megan, the site’s event planner and Lou, who oversaw the staff and food, were top notch and very responsive to our needs throughout the planning process as well as the event itself. A very professional group.

The setting was great and all pre-wedding preparations were top notch, food was all perfect and seemed to be uniformly well prepared and at the right temperature. I would highly recommend the Comus Inn as a venue of choice for any event. 5 stars!

Joan Van Berg (Mother of Bride)
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